DGPLUG ‘Linkography’

Folks, Summer ends, and with it dgplug Summer Training is coming to it’s end as well. I know, it’s sad, but hey, what about all this huge knowledge, all these invaluable advice these guys gave us? The guest sessions, the motivation? Sometimes it’s even scary when you look at all the links you bookmarked to leave them for later, and you wonder when… wait.
I was too nervous, too exited, couldn’t even breathe, I was about to install Fedora! And I forgot to backup my bookmarks. All gone (as always, not a backup friend here). Luckily, this evening I had nothing more to do, so I came with a solution: To write a script that would sweep all sessions’ logs for links capable of being an interesting read, creating a sort of linkography, for my and anyone who happens to read this blog.

I’ve written a small Flask app to view all the links and search through them. A lot of these links are garbage, not really interesting, I’ve filtered the most obvious non-interesting links, but didn’t want to waste too much time on it. Feel free to report any broken or useless link!

DGPLUG ‘Linkography’ site: dgplugbiblio.arnauorriols.com

Github links:

Sweep script: https://github.com/JCaselles/dgplugbiblio-webapp/blob/master/link_searcher.py

Flask app: https://github.com/JCaselles/dgplugbiblio-webapp


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