Enjoing the power of the open source Community at its best.

It’s been four weeks now. About 30 students sharing every evening a dusty channel on IRC since 22th June to listen from kushal, mbuf, souradeep and all the staff of Dgplug, all the goods they happen to offer. We sit, quietly, read patiently, and ask questions in a religiously strict order. In return, we get tonnes of knowledge, countless literature, and a thorough practice on what we all most believe: The libre knowledge, the community cooperation, the common development; in short, all the goods of the Free Open Source Software world.

Dgplug is a little Linux community of the indian city of Durgapur. As they state in their website, its foundation was animated by a bunch of “few small brains grouped together to populate Linux in the locality”. These small brains are actually very reputed people, mostly Fedora volunteers, who since 2004 try to contribute to his city with his knowledge and the libre values. More about them, here.

We attend at which this year will be the 6th Summer Training Course of Dgplug. They started in 2008 as a free, open course aimed to bring all who wanted the oportunity to be involved in FOSS, contact with important guests of varied areas, and most important, to learn. The main learning topic is Python language, of which our main teacher Kushal Das is an expert, and is just about to finish his book Python for You and Me, which I commend everyone to read. We are also taught about html, Linux administration, and projects contribution. The final goal is to prepare people to be on the path for contribute and become involved on this valuable society, and we couldn’t be more excited.

For those of you who are interested on participate, take a look at dgplug.org, read previous logs (of all lectures down to 2008!), take a look on what is talked about in the planet or just drop into the IRC channel, #dgplug.

With this I declare this blog inaugurated . My name is Arnau Orriols, at your service. Stay tuned for any update on Dgplug, FOSS, or anything the computing world,

I’ll be around.